Why consider a job in hospitality?

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If you’re thinking about getting into the hospitality industry, here are some great reasons why hospitality careers are the best!

1. You’ll see the world

Okay granted, not every hospitality job offers you the opportunity to travel – but if discovering a new culture is what you want, consider that every country has a hospitality industry! Whatever you want to do, you can do it across the globe, with the skills you’ll pick up in the UK readily transferable to other countries. There are also lots of hospitality jobs that involve travel if you’d like more variety!

2. You’ll make people happy

I’m a people pleaser – I love nothing more than ensuring people have an amazing experience! When you’re in the hospitality, this attitude is the key to your success. You’ll soon find that small gestures – whether it’s refilling someone’s tea and coffee tray or finding them great tickets to their perfect musical – can make memories that will last them a lifetime.

3. You get to use your creativity

There’s a huge creativity element in many hospitality jobs – you’re essentially creating an experience for someone and there’s always ways to make that experience better. Whether it’s your beaming smile, thoughtful recommendations, comprehensive local knowledge or going the extra mile, you shape everything about your guests’ experience.

4. There’s lots of variety

An awesome thing about working in hospitality is the very wide range of roles you can do. From simple but essential jobs like receptionist and room cleaner, through to imaginative jobs like being part of the entertainment team, there’s always scope to broaden your skills and experience whilst having a great time.

5. Promotion is a real possibility

In some industries you’ll have to work for years before you see even a glimmer of a promotion. Not so in hospitality. For those willing to work hard and get qualified, and those that can dazzle with the best customer service, there’s a world of opportunity that awaits at the top.

6. It’s not the 9 to 5

If you hate the monotony of the 9 to 5 grind, hospitality could be a great alternative for you. Your hours often vary a great deal, as does the work you do – with an ‘everyone mucks in’ attitude earning you the most brownie points.

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